The intersection of time and money

RTA members and partners,

The regional business community is committed to advancing new solutions for the region and for North Carolina. Indeed, support for mobility innovations and pilots comprises one of five core elements of our Accelerated Metropolitan Mobility Strategy for the region.

RTA has commissioned several research and advocacy efforts since 2020 to advance solutions at intersections that reduce delay, lower implementation costs, enhance safety, and promote multimodal options.

These include:  dynamic left turn intersections, intersections with two potential left turn lanes, modular roundabouts, and freeway and street-based transit.

Intersection improvements can save time and money — especially if the improvements themselves are fast and cheap. The dynamic left turn intersection (DLTi) and modular roundabout in particular are two improvements that can be installed in days and pay for themselves in months. Kudos to RTA Leadership Team members Wetherill Engineering and Bolton and Menk for their recent work on these intersection treatments, and also VHB and Ramey Kemp and Associates for their earlier assistance on DLTi.


New webpage

We have created a new webpage on innovative intersections, which compiles much of the information the regional business community has worked on over the past 3 years to move the needle forward. You can view that page on the RTA website directly here:

We will update the page with new resources as they emerge. Here are some of the current ones:


I hope that the resources above are of interest. I am very pleased to have the regional business community in the Research Triangle continue to take a strong leadership role on the future of mobility, in our market and beyond.

Let’s get moving,



Joe Milazzo II, PE
Executive Director
Regional Transportation Alliance


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