FAST transit study 2.0

The regional Freeway, Arterial, Street and Tactical (FAST) transit study is a follow up initiative to the original FAST study conducted in 2020-21.

The objectives of the ongoing, follow-up FAST transit study initiative are to:

  • Make our freeways and regional boulevards “transit ready”
  • Identify and accelerate regional BRT and FAST transit corridors that link RDU Airport and Research Triangle Park with downtown Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill
  • Advance SMART (Systematic Management of Adaptable Roadways through Technology) freeways

NCDOT’s Integrated Mobility Division is managing the FAST study.

RTA Leadership Team member WSP is the lead study consultant.

FAST 2.0 study info

FAST transit study 2.0 – summary
revised February 2024

RTA weekly blog update
– posted February 11, 2024

FAST study update
– presentation September 7, 2023

FAST study scoping meeting
– presentation June 22, 2023

RTA – FAST transit 2.0 – overview
revised May 2023

RDU Airport support letter for FAST study
– sent October 13, 2022


Prior FAST study - resources

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