RTA is the voice of the regional business community on transportation in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region.

RTA’s mission is simple:  RTA delivers business leadership to get our region moving faster. Those ten words pack a powerful punch, and for more than two decades the organized regional business community has indeed gained more impact, in less time, through the RTA.

The Regional Transportation Alliance has more than 150 members, including more than 25 member chambers of commerce across 13 counties in central and eastern North Carolina. RTA is a regional program of the Raleigh Chamber.

Our regional leadership team consists of prominent, engaged companies in a variety of economic sectors in our market, including life sciences, technology, banking, utilities, engineering, financial services, and more, as well as major research universities and transportation partners.
More than 50 RTA Leadership Team members invest $5,000 or more annually in the RTA to ensure that their voice is heard and that their region is ready for our mobility future.

Our members and professional staff – working in concert with regional, state, and federal partners – provide focus, action, and staying power to get and keep things moving in our region. We relentlessly pursue opportunities and then apply a business lens and ongoing dedication to advance needed solutions for our members and the broader market.

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