RDU funding

Identifying sustainable funding for essential growth at RDU airport is the top transportation priority of the regional business community, and it will remain so until it is successfully resolved.

In response to a request by RDU Airport in summer 2019, the Regional Transportation Alliance created the RTA RDU Airport Infrastructure Development (“AID”) task force to review relevant information about RDU’s infrastructure and operating needs. The initiative was announced Sept. 12, 2019.

RTA RDU AID task force members are a diverse group of business leaders from RTA member firms who are dedicated to the success of our hometown international airport and our growing region.

Task force members presented their preliminary findings and recommendations for potential sources of revenue and funding at the 2020 RTA annual meeting on Jan. 17, 2020.

RTA also commissioned a study by Ricondo & Associates to review the RDU master plan in light of increased growth and identify the potential impacts of deferring capital investment. The final summary of conclusions is here.

RTA RDU AID task force members

  • Joe Anglim, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy, Red Hat, Inc.
  • Jim Beley, General Manager, The Umstead Hotel and Spa
  • Sarah Gaskill, President and CEO, Morrisville Chamber of Commerce
  • Lauren Guy, Marketing Manager, HH Architecture
  • Linda Hall, Executive VP and CFO, The Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina
  • Rob Herman, GM/Executive Director, Workstation Business Unit, Lenovo
  • Harold Hicks, Senior Director, Real Estate, Fidelity Investments
  • Monty Irvin, President and CEO, Ramey Kemp and Associates, Inc.
  • Dave Krauss, Managing Director, Credit Suisse
  • Sarah Quinlan, Managing Director, Carolantic Fund
  • Mike Schoenfeld, VP Public Affairs and Government Relations, Duke University
  • Gray Styers, Attorney, Co-chair of Infrastructure Practice, Fox Rothschild LLP

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