Member Briefing: June 26, 2020

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition — the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Legislature approves NCDOT reforms, maintenance funding allocation
Last week the NC Senate passed a sweeping reform bill (H77) that would recreate a new NC Board of Transportation, increase financial oversight, reallocate funding to maintenance, and increase bonding authority for capital investments. The House approved the same measure this week, sending it to the Governor for his considerationNCDOT has experienced several multi-million dollar financial challenges, from multiple storms to “Map Act” settlements to coronavirus-related travel impacts. The approved reforms have the potential to stabilize the Department and the operations and maintenance of the highway system, while also laying the groundwork for the future additional investments needed for our growing state.

It is easier to Reach the Beach in North Carolina
Growing up in southwestern PA, we would often head to Ocean City, Maryland, where the phrase “reach the beach” had a particular meaning (since everyone from the Washington and Baltimore metros seemed to have the same idea). Here in North Carolina, we have far more beach opportunities, and several freeways to get all or part of the way there. As I finish a week at the coast with family and friends, I reflect on the convenience, and importance, of our eastern North Carolina freeway system in this week’s blog.

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RTA Executive Director

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