RTA membership – focus, action, and impact

Some companies and organizations like the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina, GSK, First Citizens Bank, and IBM have been with RTA since the inception of the organization nearly 20 years ago.

Other companies like Durham-based AveXis and RTP-based Parmer RTP just joined the RTA this year, as a result of a powerful partnership with one of our founding chambers, the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce.

Whether long-term or new, the RTA Leadership Team, RTA Steering Committee, and RTA professional staff are fully committed to providing the focus, action, and impact that our members expect, in order to advance the region’s most critical priorities of the business community.

I remind each of our members that a ticket to every annual RTA event — our annual meeting in the winter, our innovations event in the spring, our breakfast in the summer, and our I-40 partnership in the fall — is included with your membership. Bronze and higher investment levels receive multiple tickets and recognition at each of these events — visit for more information. Regardless of investment level, each of our members gains information and insights about our current initiatives, and an opportunity to interact with fellow business leaders from across the region.

Thank you for your membership, and for being a valuable and vital part of the region’s business leadership group for mobility. If you know of peer companies that should be with us, please notify our RTA membership sales chair Robert Doreauk with AT&T at

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
Executive Director
Regional Transportation Alliance




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