Transit User Experience

Overview.  The regional business community in the metropolitan Triangle is fully committed to the accelerated development of an enhanced regional transit system. By “enhanced” we mean one that provides expanded, faster, convenient, intuitive, and safe travel choices that delivers a highly effective user experience.

Transit safety.  RTA has launched an ongoing study of current practices in transit safety across the nation. This research effort is a collaborative initiative of four RTA Regional Leadership Team organizations:  RTI International, HDR, Google, and SAS, in concert with a number of our local transit partners as well as those from beyond our region. The research effort continues into 2024; the impact of zero fare on transit safety is an important part of this study.

Intuitive mobility.  In order to maximize our regional community’s investment in enhanced transit, our future system will need to provide choices that are clear, simple, and easy, as well as convenient. The regional business community is committed to supporting the development of intuitive travel options and providing supportive guidance where appropriate.

Looking ahead.  We recognize that ensuring both actual and perceived safety in, on, and around our enhanced regional transit system, including the launch of BRT in Raleigh in 2025, will require the dedication of sufficient community resources — both financial and otherwise — as well as focus and intentionality. The same will be true for ensuring an outstanding, intuitive travel experience.

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