Member Briefing: January 31, 2020

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition — the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

RTA launches simplified website
We have launched a new website to make it easier for our members and partners to find information about the activities of the regional business community on transportation. FORGE Communications, a longstanding RTA Sustaining Gold member, has developed an attractive, responsive, and simplified site. It is available now at  The site is streamlined, so it is purposefully less busy than our prior one. We believe the simplified layout and design will make it more accessible and more useful for you.

RTA innovations event will be held in April 2020
We look forward to our next Innovation and Solutions Forum on April 21, where we will return to RTA Leadership Team member SAS and receive information about current and upcoming innovations that impact mobility. Our keynote speaker from our annual meeting earlier this month, Dr. Stuart Ginn with WakeMed Health and Hospitals, will reprise and extend his presentation, including the inclusion of a Q&A period that was not feasible during our 400+ person State of Mobility 2020 event. We will also hear updates on dynamic left turns, electric buses, and more. You can RSVP now to Natalie.

Wake Transit plan is about to hit a higher gear
It has been just over three years since the successful passage of the Wake Transit referendum supported by RTA. Many improvements have been happening since that time, including new and enhanced bus service. During the upcoming fiscal year, detailed design and the beginning of construction of North Carolina’s first bus rapid transit (BRT) line will commence. This is an exciting time for regional transit and the beginning of what Raleigh Transportation Director Michael Moore has called, “shovels-in-the-ground.” Our upcoming RTA Freeway And Street-based Transit (FAST) network study seeks to complement and extend the proposed BRT lines in Orange and Wake counties.

RTA is where the regional business community gets things moving. Thank you for your support!

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Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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