RTA transit acceleration committee

The regional business community has launched the RTA Transit Acceleration Committee to support the work of our transit and transportation partners. The committee’s goals are to advance an enhanced regional transit system, accelerate BRT implementation, and maximize transit success.

This regionwide business leadership committee has three current focuses to accelerate BRT — bus rapid transit, or “buses resembling trains” — across our market:

  • Supporting the New Bern Avenue BRT project in Raleigh
  • Supporting the FAST transit study 2.0, including BRT linkages to RTP and RDU
  • Accelerating BRT corridors across the region, with an emphasis on advancing BRT in Durham

The committee will also provide guidance on creating intuitive mobility and an outstanding travel experience across regional transit.

Any RTA member firm or organization can participate in the RTA Transit Acceleration Committee.

Please email Jacob Rigg with your interest in joining the committee.

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