Member Briefing: September 6, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition — the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

RTA endorses Cary Transportation Bond
At last month’s RTA planning retreat, we heard from Jerry Jensen with the Town of Cary who showed a video that summarizes the proposed transportation bond (and also a separate parks and recreation bond). The transportation referendum will help fund street improvements, road widenings, intersection improvements, NCDOT enhancements, and more. Mark Lawson with the Cary Chamber then recommended that RTA endorse the transportation referendum, which the Leadership Team did unanimously. If you or your associates live in Cary, we encourage you to recommend voting “yes” for the transportation referendum early voting starts Sept. 18. Kudos to the Cary Chamber for leading the campaign, and to the Cary Town Council for placing the referendum on the ballot this fall.

State transportation funding challenges, and US 1 freeway
This week the News & Observer had an excellent article by Richard Stradling that highlights our current state transportation funding situation — including the significant delays to many regional projects. It also spoke of RTA’s successful advocacy to advance part of the US 1 freeway north of I-540 to Wake Forest. The delays to vital regional projects including US 70, US 64, and more are of concern to me and to our volunteer leadership, and the issue will be an increasing focus for us in the months ahead as we support NCDOT’s efforts to advance mobility in our market.

Hurricanes and mobility
Living in North Carolina for a quarter century, I have seen my share of storms, starting with Hurricane Fran in 1996, which almost appeared to follow I-40 from New Hanover County to Raleigh. I have no idea if hurricanes are becoming more frequent or intense for our region and state — due to climate change, natural cycles, bad luck, or something else — but I do recognize that a resilient mobility network coupled with effective traffic and emergency operations and communications can be invaluable in preparedness as well as surviving a storm. More in this week’s blog. Stay safe today, and every day, and thank you for your commitment to the future of this region.

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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