Member Briefing: April 12, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Spring litter sweep begins tomorrow
RTA is pleased to partner with the NC Department of Transportation and the NC State Highway Patrol for the statewide Spring Litter Sweep effort, which begins tomorrow, April 13, and runs through April 27. Our goal is to help increase awareness of the effort to improve the appearance, travel experience – and safety – of our roadways. Given the safety issues associated with debris falling out of moving vehicles, NCDOT will display “STATE LAW / PROPERLY SECURE ALL LOADS” and “ALWAYS COVER AND SECURE ALL LOADS” on overhead signs across the state during daily sign testing throughout the statewide campaign. We will have more about the statewide litter sweep, including a potential RTA engagement opportunity, in next week’s briefing.

Thursday Thoughts at 3 blog: Raleigh-Charlotte by train
Existing rail travel between Raleigh and Charlotte generally takes a little more than 3 hours. This week’s blog speaks to an ongoing RTA effort to encourage improved passenger rail travel time and reliability across our state’s metropolitan crescent along the NC Railroad Company corridor. Earlier this year the NCDOT Rail Division completed a report at our request of various possible ways of doing so – view this week’s blog for more information.

Let’s offer some “moving” thoughts to NCDOT
NCDOT has launched a long-range multimodal planning initiative, called “NC Moves 2050”. This effort will look at the future of mobility in our state – across all existing and emerging modes of transportation – and will allow NCDOT to update its long-range transportation plan. NCDOT is asking people to participate in an online survey, and so I will ask our members to do the same. The survey link is here: I took the survey and found the format easy to use and the time involved less than 10 minutes. While the deadline is not until June 2nd, I encourage you to go ahead and take the survey now – and toshare the link with your associates.

Our members know that RTA membership maximizes your impact, insights, and voice. Thank you for your support, and please encourage a peer company to join you as an RTA member!

Let’s get moving, 


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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