RDU named Fastest Growing Airport in America

RTA members and partners,

Based on the data supplied by the US Department of Transportation, RDU Airport was listed as the fastest growing large airport in the country in 2023. Out of the top 50 airports, RDU grew at a rate of 22%.

RDU continues to grow its list of international flights, with the inaugural flight of Lufthansa to Frankfurt earlier this week, and more to come this summer..

RTA members heard from Copa Airline CEO Pedro Heilbron earlier this year, who informed the regional business community on why the Raleigh and Durham region was chosen and the opportunities for growth ahead.

Identifying sustainable funding for RDU remains RTA’s top organizational priority. This includes the ongoing letter writing campaign to maximize the federal funding for a new primary  runway.

Thank you for your investment in RTA, as we continue to support the success of the fastest-growing airport in America.


Let’s get moving,
Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA executive director



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