RDU shines the light on easier parking

RTA members,

Your travels to the RDU Central and RDU Premier parking deck locations just became much easier.

The RDU Airport Authority, an RTA Regional Leadership Team member, has just installed an advanced parking guidance system in the primary parking deck between the airport terminals. You simply follow the signs and overhead lights to arrive at an open space.

This is how the system works:

  • There are digital signboards at the entrance to each level on the parking deck, and also each row of parking, displaying how many spaces are available in the respective areas monitored by the sign.
  • As you travel down a particular row, glance up and look for a green or blue (handicapped) overhead light.
  • Each light monitors four parking spaces — if one or more of those four spaces are available, then the light serving those four spaces will be green (or blue). If none of the four spaces served by the overhead light are vacant, then that light will be red.
  • That’s it. No more circulating looking for a parking space when you are trying to catch your next flight.

When you return to your vehicle, if you cannot recall where you parked it, you can now retrieve the location of your lost car by entering your license plate information using a new mobile app. This will reduce fears of remembering what level you parked at if you did not take a photo of your parking level and row when you first parked. You can also call (919) 840-2140, option 6, for assistance.

As always, remember to book your parking in advance for further stress reduction before your flight.

Kudos to RDU for making it easier to get moving at our hometown international airport.

– Joe


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA executive director



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