RTA Member Briefing: February 16

Capital Boulevard freeway acceleration – more support

Accelerating the conversion of Capital Boulevard into a multimodal freeway remains RTA’s top freeway priority. NCDOT has an outstanding plan to upgrade Capital Blvd. north of I-540 to a 10+ mile, 70 MPH freeway. As of this week, there are now a total of seven motions or resolutions of support from both public and private entities to study the potential acceleration of the freeway upgrade using toll revenue:

  • Public entities:  Capital Area MPO, Town of Wake Forest, Town of Franklinton, Town of Youngsville
  • Private business organizations: Wake Forest Area Chamber, Raleigh Chamber — new this week, and RTA

We look forward to ongoing partnership with CAMPO, NCDOT, the NC Turnpike Authority, and other partners as we look to make vital improvements to Capital Boulevard a reality faster, together. More in this week’s blog.


New for 2024:  We are launching 5 RTA Submarket Caucuses

RTA will be launching 5 “submarket caucuses” this year. These will be periodic, geographically-focused meetings, both in-person and online, of RTA member firms, partner organizations, and chambers of commerce in an area.

While the boundaries are necessarily fluid, the 5 submarkets are:

  • RTA Western Caucus – Durham, Orange, Chatham, Person counties
  • RTA Central Caucus – southeastern Durham and western Wake counties:  RTP, RDU, I-40/885 core area
  • RTA Southwest Caucus – southwest Wake, eastern Chatham, Lee, Moore counties
  • RTA Northeast Caucus – northeastern/central Wake, Franklin, Nash, Wilson counties
  • RTA Southeast Caucus – southeast Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Wayne counties

Any RTA member firm or organization can participate in any submarket caucus for a geography that they have either a presence or interest in. You can participate in zero caucuses, one caucus, or up to all five. Please email Jacob with your interest. More information to come.


Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director



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