RTA Member briefing: January 12

RTA 22nd annual meeting — registration reminder, and space limitations

We now have more than 250 registrants for this year’s RTA 22nd annual meeting luncheon presented by the Research Triangle Foundation of NC, which will be held on Friday, January 26th.

A reminder that every RTA member company has one or more tickets to our RTA 22nd annual meeting included in their membership — but we also have limitations on space at the venue, so we urge our members to register as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about your membership, and/or if you would like to elevate your membership level and receive recognition at the event as a major investor, please contact Jacob Rigg at 919.664.7062 or


RTA and transit safety

The regional business community in the metropolitan Triangle is fully committed to the accelerated development of an enhanced, frequent, and reliable regional transit system. By “enhanced” we mean one that provides expanded, faster, more convenient, accessible, and intuitive travel choices along with a highly effective user experience. This includes implementation of regionwide BRT which will serve as the backbone for transit in our region.

Of course, safety in and around our enhanced regional transit network is table stakes for successful and productive transit. To support this objective, RTA has launched a study of best practices in transit safety across the nation. The research effort is a collaborative initiative of four RTA Regional Leadership Team organizations:  RTI International, HDR, Google, and SAS, in concert with a number of our local transit partners as well as those from beyond our region. Learn more about the study, and other observations about transit safety, in a recent RTA blog post here.


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