Member Briefing: December 15

Raleigh to Richmond, redux

Last year North Carolina and Virginia received an important $58m federal grant to commence engineering of the entire 162 mile corridor from Raleigh to Richmond. As we mentioned last week, this year’s $1.8 billion grants to North Carolina and Virginia — including the largest-ever federal grants for passenger rail in each state — represent an exponential jump start for implementation. USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg formally made the announcement of North Carolina’s $1 billion+ grant earlier this week in Raleigh. Learn more in this week’s blog; you can also learn about the Richmond to Raleigh corridor from our friends in Virginia.

Electric buses continue to roll on

Earlier this month, RTA Regional Leadership Team member the City of Durham introduced new electric buses to its growing GoDurham fleet. These buses will provide an enhanced experience for current patrons, attract new riders, and reduce impacts to the environment. The City expects to continue to expand its electric bus fleet over time. Learn more here.

RTA transit safety study underway

RTA has launched a study of best practices in transit safety across the nation. The research effort is a collaborative initiative of four RTA Regional Leadership Team organizations:  RTI International, HDR, Google, and SAS, in concert with local transit partners as well as those from beyond our region. RTA research team members have begun collecting data and conducting local and out-of-market interviews. We will have more to say about the ongoing study in early 2024.

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director



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