Now we can visit the 1.4-mile high city — nonstop from RDU

RTA members and partners,

On Monday, November 13, RDU announced our newest airline — and our newest nonstop, to North America’s highest major city, and the largest city and metro area on the continent.

Starting in July 2024, we will be able to travel to Mexico City — North America’s 1.4-mile high city (or 2.2 km if you prefer). More than 2000′ higher than Denver — and with a city and metropolitan area that surpasses New York City — Mexico City is the capital, largest city, and financial and cultural center of Mexico.

Aeromexico will be our 17th airline, and Mexico City will be our 9th international destination, as the season of announcements and groundbreakings continues.

With the addition of another international flight, the need to replace and lengthen our existing primary runway grows ever greater. RTA encourages everyone who has not yet written a letter (or perhaps companies who want to write another) to fill out and send one using this easy one page template. This will help ensure RDU maximizes its federal revenue share of FAA grant money. Construction on the new runway is expected shortly and is targeted for a 2028 completion.

Kudos to RDU leadership for continuing to elevate the airport and taking nonstop destinations to new heights and locations.

Let’s get flying!



Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director


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