Member Briefing: October 27

RTA draft 2024 plan of work

Our RTA chairs council and RTA Regional Leadership Team will be reviewing our 2024 draft, simplified 2024 RTA plan of work in early November. The proposed 2024 plan maintains our five-part accelerated metropolitan mobility strategy, including a continued priority one focus on sustainable funding for RDU, and an ongoing emphasis on regional transit, multimodal freeways, sustainable highway funding, and innovation. All RTA members are welcome to offer comments and feedback on the draft 2024 plan for consideration at any time, either now or throughout the year. In addition, we will be highlighting the elements, successes, and priorities of the accelerated metropolitan mobility strategy at the RTA 22nd annual meeting in January.


Electric aviation redux

As we mentioned in last week’s member briefing, we were pleased to see the landing of the nation’s first authorized electric aircraft in the Triangle last Friday. More info, including photos and additional news coverage of the event, in this week’s blog.


A reminder to vote for NCDOT

As noted last week, please consider voting for NCDOT for their innovative flood warning system in the 2023 America’s Transportation Awards.  Kudos to NCDOT for their leadership; this is one case where you can truly vote early and vote often — in fact, you can vote every day, once per day — to support the nomination.


Have a great weekend, everyone, and thank you for your ongoing membership, partnership, and support of business leadership for regional mobility.


Let’s get moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director



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