Member Briefing: June 23

RTA members,

Our top freeway priority is the upgrade of US 1 / Capital Blvd. to a freeway between I-540 and Wake Forest.

We are asking our members to provide a brief comment online in support of the project within the next week, by next Friday, June 30.

See below for simplified instructions.

As business leaders we need to engage in key priorities that impact our market’s future success. This is one such priority – we appreciate your help.

Please let me or Jacob know if you have questions. Have a good weekend.

Let’s get moving,

Simplified instructions

  • Click on this link to access the NCDOT public input portal
  • Find the “Do you have a comment or question about the overall project?” text box; you may have to scroll down a bit
  • Enter a supportive comment; see below for examples
  • If you would, add your name and email
  • Touch the “Comment” box to submit
  • If possible, send Jacob a quick note to let us know that you provided a comment

     Example commentschoose any or all

  • Upgrading US 1 / Capital Boulevard to a safer multimodal freeway is the top freeway priority of the regional business community
  • Removing stoplights will relieve congestion and serve the growth in Wake and Franklin counties
  • The project will greatly improve safety by redirecting access to interchanges, eliminating traffic signals, and modernizing the roadway
  •  As an RTA member, we focus on creating modernized, multimodal solutions for our regional community, and upgrading Capital Boulevard will advance that goal
  •  RTA like to see a dynamic transit priority shoulder adjacent to the future median included in the project in order to facilitate future BRT along the corridor
  • Upgrading US 1 to a freeway north of I-540 is essential for connecting more affordable housing in Franklin Co. with jobs in Wake County and the broader Triangle
  • The current roadway is congested and unreliable; eliminating traffic signals will create a more seamless, predictable, and faster travel experience for commuting and commerce
  • Together with the City of Raleigh’s approved multiway boulevard corridor plan for Capital Boulevard south of I-540, these two complementary initiatives will mean zero traffic signals for through travelers between I-440 and the Franklin Co. line, which will greatly facilitate travel by all modes including transit
  • (feel free to include a personal comment of the challenges your associates face with Capital and/or desired benefits of a new freeway)

NOTE:  Our requested deadline is by next Friday, June 30. (NCDOT’s absolute deadline is July 7.)

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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