RTA Regional Transit Position

RTA members  and partners,

We have developed a simplified overview of RTA’s overall position and perspectives on regional transit, based on discussions with our members at recent RTA Steering and Leadership team meetings, RTA outreach, research, and reflection this winter and spring.

We believe this consensus view is also broadly shared by many of our local, regional, and state partners, and will help galvanize the region’s focus on achievable, enhanced transit. More to come in future briefings.


Accelerating BRT corridors and identifying new BRT and FAST transit infrastructure are the best ways to quickly advance our enhanced regional transit future.

  •  Leverage state highway projects – BRT and FAST investments can be funded by highway projects under NCDOT complete streets policy, If the investments are in an approved plan
  • Maximize federal funding for BRT – The Federal government is a willing partner for our BRT investments; accelerating and expanding our BRT corridors will leverage federal support
  • Advance FAST transit – RTA and several partners will fund the FAST (freeway/arterial/street/ tactical) transit infrastructure study that will link BRT across the Triangle and with RDU Airport
  • Encourage a mix of land uses – Encouraging mixed use development at transit stations will ensure the success of BRT and FAST transit corridors and improve ridership regionwide

Enhancing existing Piedmont service and scalable investments in both of our freight/passenger corridors will advance future regional rail transit options in a scalable, cost-effective manner.

  • Promote existing passenger service – The region and NCDOT can increase marketing of existing daily Piedmont trains serving Durham, Cary, and Raleigh along the NCRR corridor
  • Expand Piedmont service – NCDOT can explore additional Piedmont frequencies, and new stations in RTP, Hillsborough, and Clayton that honor minimum intercity spacing distances
  • Support launch of S-line service – Once NCDOT acquires ownership of the S-line, the region can support NCDOT’s launch of additional regional rail transit options in the Triangle area
  • Make targeted rail capital investments – Purposeful capital improvements will improve freight and passenger rail service today and reduce the costs of future regional rail transit


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA executive director

RTA is the voice of the regional business community on transportation



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