Member Briefing: May 5

Upcoming RTA Partnership Event with ULI, NCDOT and Cary
RTA’s next General Membership meeting is later this month, and will be an in-person only event in partnership with Cary, NCDOT, and Urban Land Institute (ULI Triangle Chapter). The Monday, May 15th event will showcase “CASSI”, an autonomous shuttle, that is currently plying passengers across the 300+ acre Bond Park in Cary. Attendees will hear from several speakers about the CASSI pilot in Cary and the mobility innovation opportunity it represents and portends. We will also have an opportunity to ride the autonomous shuttle. Space is limited so RSVP at your earliest convenience . If you have any questions, please email Jacob at

Speaking of Cary…
Earlier this week I had the opportunity to travel with the Cary Chamber of Commerce on their biannual inter-city visit. This year’s trip took around 50 attendees to the Tampa Bay region of Tampa and St. Petersburg in Florida. We experienced various forms of walkable development and heard from several business and community leaders on the challenges and opportunities of growth in their expanding metropolitan area. Kudos to Cary Chamber CEO Mark Lawson and all of our colleagues from the Cary Chamber of Commerce – one of RTA’s founding chambers for more than two decades – for putting together this excellent and informative event.

I-885 Connector: 10 months later, 100% improvement in our mobility quality of life
It has been more than 300 days since the I-885 Connector opened last summer, and the mobility, connectivity, time savings, and stress reduction has been fantastic for commerce, commuting, and other travel. Advancing the (Durham East End) Connector to construction was RTA’s highest priority for several years, and we are all enjoying the benefits. Read this week’s blog for both the journey it took to for us to get a new freeway and the benefits the new roadway is providing for the entire Triangle.

Thank you, as always, for your membership and support.


Thank you, as always, for your membership and support.

Let’s get moving,

RTA Executive Director

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