Member Briefing: April 21

The I-440 project took a major leap forward this weekend

Drivers who regularly travel through the I-440 / Wade Avenue interchange in west Raleigh now have an improved roadway network. NCDOT has opened a new flyover that takes travelers from westbound Wade Avenue over the I-440 beltline towards PNC Arena, Cary, RTP, and Durham. Other ramps have been adjusted, restriped, or closed to accommodate the new, streamlined movements as construction continues on the I-440 project. Please stay alert, follow the new signage and striping, and prepare for more changes and improvements as the project continues over the next couple of years.


Dedicating Transportation Dollars for Transportation Purposes, including much needed road repair

A recent report by The Road Information Program (TRIP) found that one-third of major roads throughout North Carolina are in poor or mediocre condition. NCDOT spent $656 million on road and highway preservation during the past year — well short of the $997 million that NCDOT recommends for system preservation and maintenance.

Fortunately, recently passed and current legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly may significantly improve our current maintenance situation. Last year’s approved House Bill 103, with transportation funding provisions supported by RTA and other organizations in the NC Chamber Destination 2030 Coalition, focused on dedicating transportation dollars for transportation purposes by devoting the proportion of state sales tax generated from transportation activities to road and highway projects. This source of funds is estimated to provide around $7 billion in new funding for transportation over the next decade. In addition, the additional dedicated funds called for in current Senate Bill 354 would add to and further stabilize investments in mobility infrastructure and maintenance. More information in this week’s blog.


Upcoming RTA General Membership Meeting in mid-May

Please mark your calendar for our next in-person RTA General Membership meeting, which will be held on Monday, May 15th, 3:30 pm – 5 pm. More details coming early next week.


Thank you, as always, for your membership and support.

Let’s get moving,

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