2023 preview blog

RTA members and partners,

In this week’s blog, we provide a preview of some items to come, along with a few of our top focus areas in this still very new year.

  • RTA’s top priority continues to be sustainable funding for RDU Airport, with our immediate focus being federal funding for the new runway. Please download the simplified letter template here: and send your company’s support note to FAA.
  • BRT — which the business community refers to as “buses resembling trains” in addition to “bus rapid transit” — will begin in earnest this year. Construction commences on the Raleigh New Bern Avenue BRT this summer; we are also hoping for federal small starts funding approval this year for the Raleigh Southern BRT corridor along South Wilmington. In addition, we are supporting the Chapel Hill north-south BRT project as it prepares for its federal application and review this summer.
  • The acceleration and completion of 540 will continue as the months progress. We plan to have a site visit this spring for the existing 540 project, and we look forward to celebrating the letting of construction for the final segment of 540 later this year.
  • Dynamic Left Turn intersections (DLTi), Modern Roundabouts, and other intersection innovations are on the table for the new year. The nation’s first dynamic left turn intersection approach (DTLi) is slated to turn 3 years old next month in Cary; we are looking to enhance and improve that existing installation and/or expand both DLTi and modern roundabout treatments to other locations in the region and state.
  • Modernizing highway funding remains a focus for RTA. We elevated the access user fee concept in the fall and we will continue with conversations during the winter and spring with legislators and other partners about this option to provide a resilient, sustainable solution for highway revenues.
  • Growing the regional business community’s voice on transportation is always a priority. A stronger RTA means a stronger, more sustainable impact on the issues that matter to the regional business community. Thank you for reaching out to peer companies about the benefits of RTA, and for highlighting the mutual benefit to our organization and the region from their joining us and making us stronger.

Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support and membership,

Let’s get moving,


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