GoTriangle and NCDOT mark a decade of “BOSS”ing around traffic congestion

This past Saturday, July 16, marked the 10th anniversary of the activation of North Carolina’s first Bus On Shoulder System (BOSS).

BOSS represents a very effective way to help buses stay on schedule, which improves the viability and reliability of transit as an option for travelers.

The region’s first BOSS initiative began on I-40 in Durham County on July 16, 2012. GoTriangle (then Triangle Transit), NCDOT, and RTA cooperated for many months on the preparation for that effort — including a site visit to Minneapolis, the site of the nation’s largest bus on shoulder operation.

Today, BOSS is active all parts of I-40 in Durham County and western Wake counties; it is authorized on much of I-40 in eastern Wake and western Johnston counties, although a work zone currently precludes its use. It is also active on part of the Wade Avenue freeway in west Raleigh, and now available for most of I-540 between Morrisville and north Raleigh.

BOSS is the sort of practical, low cost, high impact, high visibility solution that is increasingly important in a changing world. Buses can travel up to 35 MPH in the outside shoulder, whenever traffic on the main travel lanes falls below 35 MPH. Buses cannot travel more than 15 MPH faster than adjacent traffic, however, so if I-40 is stopped, your bus will only travel up to 15 MPH in that shoulder. Then again, compared to 0 MPH in stopped traffic, traveling 15 MPH in a regional bus will be exhilarating.

RTA continues to support the BOSS program and its expansion, including the excellent recent study by CAMPO. We also support an enhanced program for new or modernized freeways which we are calling a transit priority shoulder (TPS). The TPS concept would allow buses to travel slightly faster, up to 45 MPH, in the left shoulder adjacent to the median, since there are no entrance ramps to contend with.

Kudos to NCDOT and GoTriangle for allowing transit patrons to “BOSS” around their commute, for 10 years and counting.


Lets Get Moving,

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

RTA is the voice of the regional business community on transportation

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