Expanding, enhancing, accelerating regional transit

At our recent BRT Opportunity Series event at Duke University, we announced that we will launch a study in partnership with GoTriangle and the North Carolina Department of Transportation to accelerate the development of a regional bus rapid transit network to improve connectivity, access, and opportunity across our region.

The study will define an illustrative regional BRT network and identify a series of transit advantage investments and strategies along freeways and other roads to help accelerate the successful, scaled activation of that network.

This effort is about planning for transit, not planning transit per se. The study is intended to identify a regionwide network of interconnected transit corridors that complement the development of the region’s five future bus rapid transit lines as well as the proposed initiation of commuter rail.

Our objective is to transform our roadway network into true multimodal freeways and arterials that provide significant, sustainable, and scalable advantages for transit.

The study should also complement ongoing studies including the CAMPO “RED” transit lanes study as well as DCHC MPO studies on the US 15-501 and NC 54 corridor. In addition, one or more potential follow-up studies – perhaps led by our regional metropolitan planning organizations or other partners – can build upon the results of this regional BRT acceleration study.

The scaled implementation of a regional bus rapid transit network – with associated transit advantage infrastructure – will provide the communities of the Research Triangle region with effective, all-day mobility that will complement existing and emerging travel options.

More info to come in November.

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

RTA is the voice of the regional business community on transportation

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