Don’t just Imagine Cary — help make it a reality by voting yes

The largest town in the eastern United States is holding a bond referendum on improving transportation (and another on parks) in the community — and all adult residents that are eligible to vote can weigh in.

The Town of Cary has put together a list of transportation projects reflecting more than $100 million in proposed mobility investments for the community. The projects range from widening projects in western Cary, to sidewalk and greenway enhancements, to intersection improvements, and more.

Here is the list of projects and amounts for each; more details here.

  • Street Improvement Program – $14M
  • Green Level Church Road Widening – $15.5M
  • O’Kelly Chapel Road Widening – $4M
  • NCDOT Enhancements – $23M
  • Sidewalk Improvements – $5M
  • Louis Stephens Sidewalk – $3.2M
  • Cary Parkway Sidewalk at Black Creek – $4.8M
  • NC 55 Pedestrian Grade Separation – $5M
  • Downtown Parking Development – $5M
  • Fenton Infrastructure – $22.3M

The bond is an important follow-up to the Imagine Cary Community Plan, created with significant input from citizens. The Plan created an updated blueprint for the growing community, and the $113m in proceeds from the referendum — if approved — will help fund the plan.

RTA applauds the Cary Chamber of Commerce — one of our founding member chambers — for their work on leading the campaign to support the referendum. The Chamber has included a nice summary of the transportation bond on page 9 of their voter’s guide. Early voting is going on now until Oct. 4, and Election Day is Oct. 8. Find additional voter information here.

RTA endorsed the Cary bond referendum in August. The regional business community urges support of the referendum from all members and associates who live in Cary.

Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

RTA is the voice of the regional business community on transportation

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