Member Briefing: August 30, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition — the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

Raleigh-Cary BRT corridor meeting this Thursday
There are five proposed bus rapid transit lines that will open by 2027 in our market. The longest of those is the Raleigh-Cary BRT line that will follow along Western Boulevard in Raleigh and then one or more arterial routes to Downtown Cary. The City of Raleigh is coordinating the study in concert with the Town of Cary and other partners, and they are holding their first corridor study public engagement meeting this coming Thursday, Sept. 5, between 5:30p and 7:30p at the NC State McKimmon Center. Click here for more information about the meeting, the study goals, and how you can engage.

RDU is becoming our top priority – here’s one way you can engage
As 540 in southern Wake moves to construction in the next few months, finding sustainable funding for RDU International will become our top mobility priority across the region. To ensure that there are strong lines of communication between the Airport and the regional business community (and broader community), please be aware that Mary Griffith, RDU Director of Community Affairs, is always open to feedback on happenings at the airport and to receive suggestions. Please connect with Mary at if you would like to receive her updates. She can also be reached at (919) 840-7703.

“Beautify Fortify” begins this fall
The I-40 Fortify project — which repaired pavement and modernized the freeway by adding ramp connector lanes between interchanges — completed a few months ago. It has improved travel conditions while creating a new, better travel surface. While it was still under construction, RTA reached out to NCDOT to see if any of the I-40 interchange areas could be enhanced from a plantings standpoint. Thanks to an inspiring partnership between NCDOT and the City of Raleigh, that is exactly what is about to happen for I-40 and I-440 in south and southeast Raleigh. Kudos to Jim Beley with The Umstead Hotel and Spa, and RTA regional travel experience chair, along with NCDOT and City of Raleigh staff, for working to make this happen. More in our weekly blog.

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