Member Briefing: June 14, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

RTA tour points the way to regionwide BRT system
To maximize the prosperity of our region – including the ability for residents to fully participate in all aspects of economic and civic life – we need to link the region with efficient, all-day, frequent transit service.  Fortunately, several elements of a regional BRT backbone are being developed as we speak, plus we will learn about promising peer examples in Virginia during next week’s RTA tour. Read more in this week’s RTA blog. If you have not yet registered and want to go on the tour, or sponsor the trip, please reply to this email today.
Another way to make electric cars more attractive: quiet tires
A recent article in Wired reported the debut of a new tire that reduces driving noise. Something like this would be useful for all vehicles above a certain speed – since tires are the primary source of noise at virtually all travel speeds –  but particularly for drivers of electric vehicles, where lack of sound is the norm. While easing concerns over “range anxiety” is obviously a bigger issue, anything that highlights or further optimizes the benefits of electrification in transportation is promising.

Hyperloop. ‘Nough said? Hardly. Join us on the 12th.
In less than a month at the 2019 RTA Transportation Breakfast, our region will hear from multiple staff members of Virgin Hyperloop One, along with leadership from NCDOT and AECOM, who are completing a pre-feasibility hyperloop analysis for RTA. VHO has a test track just north of Las Vegas, so while obviously still conceptual, hyperloop has moved well beyond “napkin stage.” You have one or more tickets included with your membership –  but you still need to register before we we sell out. Sign-up to attend and/or sponsor the event here.

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