Member Briefing: April 5, 2019

Here is a brief weekly update from the RTA business coalition – the voice of the regional business community on transportation.

New York by train? It just got a little bit closer.
You may know that there is already daily train service between New York and Charlotte via the Triangle. For many years, those trains were frequently delayed at something called the “Acca yard” in Richmond, Virginia. Now, that issue is resolved, thanks to a new rail bypass around the yard. Improving intercity passenger rail is never easy it takes years of focus and dedication, and we compliment our friends at Virginia’s Department of Rail and Public Transportation and CSX for advancing this initiative to completion.

Parking in Downtown Raleigh? It just got a little easier.
For trips made via automobile – which is the vast majority of those in the Research Triangle region – parking is typically the end of the motorized portion of our journey. Until recently, paying for parking was not as easy as it could be in the capital city. As of last week, that issue has been resolved, with the Passport Parking app now expanded to Raleigh. I have used Passport in Durham since it was implemented in 2017; thanks to your smartphone, parking is now simpler, easier, and more convenient in both of our cities. Read more in this week’s RTA Thursday Thoughts at 3.

New RTA Leadership Team investors? We just got even stronger.
RTA is pleased to welcome our newest Leadership Team investors. In the past few months, First National Bank and SAS have joined or upgraded their membership to the RTA Silver level, while both Kimley-Horn and Wetherill Engineering upgraded to the Gold membership level. In addition, the Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina became RTA’s first Omnia Gold member! Our market is growing and the business community continues to get stronger and more organized to keep the region moving. 

Our members know that RTA membership maximizes your impact, insights, and voice. Thank you for your support, and please encourage a peer company to join you as an RTA member!

Let’s get moving, 


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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