Member Briefing: January 25, 2019

We have plenty of Courage, and opportunity, to meet 2019’s uncertainty

Yesterday was an outstanding RTA 17th annual meeting. Our largest ever by far, and our first where we honored a championship sports team.
NCDOT board chair Mike Fox and NCDOT chief operating officer Bobby Lewis were terrific. They highlighted the current situation with funding – very different from where we were even one year ago. They also brought us to the new reality and gave us an understanding of where we are going and how important it is that we work together for solutions.
Jessica McDonald with the NWSL champion NC Courage was also outstanding. The star of our support video, she provided words of encouragement and kept all attendees energized and ready to tackle the problems ahead with her remarks.
We released our 2019 RTA Triangle Mobility Report online – a little shorter than last year but no less impactful; hopefully it will be of use to you and your associates and partners. I used several pieces of information from the report in my annual 2019 State of Mobility presentation – you can download the entire presentation deck here.
Finally, I would like to personally thank RTA 2018 chair Bruce Sargent with IBM, and 2019 chair Geoff Lang with MetLife. They have done great work throughout the year as our chair, and chair-elect, and that shone through loud and clear during the remarks, and as part of the panel.

In summary, I thought the meeting provided excellent dialogue on funding challenges and opportunities for roads, transit, and our airport, and our overall message of business leadership and focus to get victories moving was clear throughout the event.
Thank you to everyone who attended, and a very special thank you to Natalie for making our largest event ever also our best one. 

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director

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