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Thursday thoughts at 3

A focus on preserving Capital (Boulevard’s schedule)

At our 2019 annual meeting, we noted that the new draft state transportation plan was brutal from a scheduling standpoint, given the significant delays to a host of upcoming priorities. At last month’s quarterly RTA Leadership Team meeting, the group established projects that upgrade signalized roadways to freeways as our organization’s focus for schedule preservation. The Leadership […]


Bike, bus, and car lanes – how can they all “fit”?

Transportation is undergoing a fundamental, welcome, but challenging transition, particularly in our urban centers. Many, but certainly not all, of the users of our downtown street networks arrive and travel by automobile. Cars provide both mobility and accessibility to and within downtowns. To downtown: For any city or town within the Triangle, cars are often […]


Our transit priority lanes may be better off “RED” than dedicated – at least for now

The regional business community, including the Regional Transportation Alliance, has been at the forefront of supporting the accelerated expansion of transit options in our region for many years. When it comes to enhanced bus service, the next decade will be game-changing for transit here. The Triangle region will be adding more than 25 miles of […]


Exploring the intersection of ideas and action

In November, RTA held our first Intersection Solutions Forum, in concert with NCDOT. We heard speakers from NCDOT, local municipalities, RTA member firms, and our hosts at SAS describe current and emerging options to get us through intersections more quickly, reliably, and safely. Next month, on Thursday, March 21, we will have our second RTA-NCDOT […]


Here’s what business leadership on transportation means to our companies

Fellow members of the Triangle business community, Both AT&T and PSNC Energy, a subsidiary of Dominion Energy, are in the connection business. Whether through communications or energy, we connect people and companies to new opportunities for growth and success. An efficient and effective transportation system is vital as we work to serve our customers. That […]


Spend pennies to save minutes on I-40 – tonight

RTA members and partners, In our prior Thursday Thoughts at 3 blogs, I have mentioned the importance of I-40 and some ongoing and upcoming projects. Last week I noted that we were launching our Let’s Make I-40 Better initiative, including our Regional Travel Experience Action Team which will focus on potential improvements in the RTP area. […]