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With our region named after a shape, it is clear that if transportation fails, the entire Triangle market’s success is in jeopardy. Mobility problems don’t take care of themselves — a strong business perspective, focus, and leadership is required to catalyze, accelerate, and ensure the success of vital priorities.

The Regional Transportation Alliance business coalition provides the sustained, focused perspective to keep our region moving, and serves as the recognized regional business voice for transportation initiatives and policy across the Research Triangle region of North Carolina.


Latest News

I-40 / Fortify: more is less, and less is more


NCDOT has done outstanding design and construction work and outreach to minimize the impacts to our commuting, and the community has responded to NCDOT's "Fortify is coming" warning by adjusting how, where, and when we travel to keep our region moving. - by Pete Marino, RTA Freeways chair

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"Now we're getting somewhere": Final Wake Transit recommendations released


Last week, at the final meeting of the Wake Transit Advisory Committee, the group endorsed four primary recommendations for the accelerated development of an enhanced regional transit system in Wake County.

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