II-40-Regional-Partnership-logonterstate 40, the “Triangle’s Main Street”, is a critical limited-access roadway that connects Orange, Durham, Wake and Johnston counties with the rest of North Carolina and the nation.

The I-40 Regional Partnership is a cooperative initiative of the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and the Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) business coalition, working in concert with other local, regional, statewide, and federal partners.

The Partnership provides an ongoing focus on Interstate 40 in order to maintain and enhance its viability for travel and commerce. The I-40 Regional Partnership initiative is designed to help participants discover, share, and examine the current status of Interstate 40 in the Triangle in order to identify both short- and long-term opportunities for improvements to I-40 in the Triangle region along with its interchanges, connecting freeways, and primary reliever routes.

Meredith McDiarmid, PE, NCDOT State Systems Operations Engineer, serves as the I-40 Regional Partnership executive. The Partnership held its first meeting in spring 2009 and has met at least annually since that time.

Upcoming Meeting:

I-40 Regional Partnership
2017 Annual Meeting
Wednesday, October 25, 2017
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Research Triangle Park Headquarters

Draft Agenda

Welcome and Overview 20 min

  • Introductions – Meredith McDiarmid, NCDOT Mobility and Safety; Joe Milazzo II, RTA
  • Acknowledgements – Pete Marino, RTA Freeways chair
  • I-40 Regional Partnership Action Plan – Meredith McDiarmid

Primary Reports – Projects Underway or Complete50 min

  • I-40 / Fortify – construction status, lessons learned, model for other projects – Boyd Tharrington, NCDOT Div. 5
  • I-540 / On-Ramp Signals – activation, initial feedback – Boyd Tharrington
  • I-885 / East End Connector – Boyd Tharrington
  • I-87 / I-540 interchange improvement – Boyd Tharrington
  • I-87 signage update – Joey Hopkins, NCDOT Div. 5
  • Regional travel time signage improvement – Meredith McDiarmid
  • Multimodal 54 – Joe Milazzo, RTA, Patrick McDonough, GoTriangle
  • Regional Bus On Shoulder System (BOSS) – John Tallmadge, GoTriangle

Primary Reports – Upcoming Projects50 min

  • I-40 mainline widening, including improvements to Aviation, Airport, NC 42 interchanges – Joey Hopkins
  • I-440 widening – Joey Hopkins
  • US 70 core conversion to freeway between I-540 and future I-885 – Joey Hopkins
  • Triangle Toll Study – Chris Lukasina, CAMPO
  • Express shoulder managed lanes, Chris Lukasina

Technical focus – 30 min

  • Joe Hummer, NCDOT – Mobility and Safety – alternative interchange designs

Next steps



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Primary links:

Partial list of I-40 initiative partners and participants

  • North Carolina Department of Transportation  (NCDOT)
  • Regional Transportation Alliance  (RTA)
  • NC Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization  (NC CAMPO)
  • Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro Metropolitan Planning Organization  (DCHC MPO)
  • Cities and Towns along the I-40 corridor
  • GoTriangle
  • NC State University
  • North Carolina Turnpike Authority
  • North Carolina State Ports Authority
  • North Carolina Railroad Company
  • North Carolina State Highway Patrol
  • The Research Triangle Park  (RTP)
  • Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority  (RDU)
  • Triangle-J Council of Governments
  • Federal Highway Administration  (FHWA)