The Regional Transportation Alliance business coalition has compiled an enviable list of successes in cooperation with our transportation and elected partners for more than 15 years.

See below for a partial, sequential list of those successes from the present year back to 2002, and click here for a highlighted list of top successes.

2017 RTA successes

  • NCDOT Secretary Trogdon announces the Department is seeking to accelerate Complete 540 construction to 2018 at RTA annual Transportation Breakfast on July 14, 2017 — accelerating 540 is RTA’s top priority
  • RDU Airport receives $31 million in new, recurring funds in NC budget approved June 1, 2017 — funding for RDU’s master plan is RTA’s second-highest priority
  • New low-cost project fund is created and receives $44 million in new, recurring funds in NC budget approved June 1, 2017 — a concept initiated and lobbied for by RTA
  • I-540 express shoulder lanes receives $70 million in new state funding in the draft Statewide Transportation Improvement Program released June 28, 2017 — an innovative project introduced and spearheaded by RTA
  • NC Turnpike Authority selected for USDOT Automated Vehicle Proving Ground on 540/Triangle Expressway — RTA formally endorsed the application which gained approval in January 2017
  • RTA formally supports regional electric bus grant application submitted to the Federal Transit Administration in June 2017

2016 RTA successes

  • RDU-Paris nonstop flight launches supported by public and private sector leadership
  • RTA launches RDU – Paris billboard advertising campaign through ASAP investments
  • Successfully lobbied for the I-87 designation between Raleigh and coastal Virginia
  • Endorsed the Wake Transit plan, now approval by all three governing boards
  • Led the media and communications strategy for the 2016 Wake referenda campaign
  • Helped maintain support for Complete 540 which now has accelerated construction date
  • Collaborated with Town of Cary and NCDOT to advance US 1 freeway on-ramp improvement
  • Launched Multimodal 54 initiative with GoTriangle to identify options for NC 54 to I-40
  • Higher-speed rail Raleigh – Richmond moves forward with CSX S-line purchase options
  • Advanced shoulder managed lanes study for I-540
  • Supported CSX selection of Rocky Mount in eastern Triangle for intermodal freight rail hub
  • Collaborated with NCDOT to minimize impact of I-40 / Fortify project
  • Worked with NCDOT to advance on-ramp signals for congestion relief on I-540
  • Led RTA Field Visit to Northern Virginia with nearly 50 regional leaders to see transit innovations
  • Coordinated transit tours in San Diego highlighting commuter rail and bus rapid transit
  • Hosted expert speaker Sam Schwartz to highlight future of transit at 2016 Transportation Breakfast
  • Brought in expert speaker Gabe Klein at 2015 State of Mobility event to discuss urban mobility

2015 RTA successes

  • Facilitated sound Wake Transit process with rational, advisory committee-endorsed multimodal investment framework
  • Bus rapid transit incorporated into final Wake Transit draft plan
  • Balanced access and user fee-based funding approach approved by NC Legislature
  • Complete 540 draft environmental study of multiple alternatives released
  • Triangle Connector to I-85 (Future I-885) goes under construction between RTP and I-85
  • U.S. 70 freeway conversion moves forward with funding for more than 50 percent of corridor
  • U.S. 1 freeway conversion north of I-540 to Wake Forest approved with full funding
  • Freeway speed limit increases approved by NCDOT for portions of NC 147 and U.S. 15-501
  • RTA Air Service Advancement Project launched to attract second transcontinental flight
  • Delta Air Lines announces new non-stop service from RDU to Paris beginning May 2016
  • Fifth non-stop West Coast destination from RDU secured with new direct flight to Seattle
  • Bills authorizing Future Interstate 44 between Raleigh and Hampton Roads, Va., approved by U.S. Senate and U.S. House
  • Final environmental document approved for Raleigh – Richmond higher speed rail initiative
  • NCDOT endorses and adopts “Synchronized Streets” name and creates 2-pager
  • NCDOT publishes outreach pieces for “dual flashing yellow arrow” intersection treatment
  • Shoulder managed lanes action team launched with NCDOT to advance this congestion relief concept for 540
  • I-40/Fortify reconstruction successfully proceeds with much lower delay to travelers than projected

2014 RTA Successes

  • Two of the top three statewide mobility projects scored in the initial ranking for the Strategic Transportation Investments formula — out of more than 1,500 in the statewide database — were projects originally submitted by RTA under the prior NC Mobility Fund initiative
  • RTA continues to engage and offer ongoing suggestions for the I-40/I-440 Rebuild/Fortify project
  • Widening completed for Harrison Ave. on-ramp to eastbound I-40 and striping completed on NC 54 and the I-40 interchange — both recommendations by the RTA-coordinated I-40 Regional Partnership
  • Activated express shoulder lane concept for consideration
  • Held several well-attended Transit Innovations Series sessions scheduled through May 2014
  • U.S. House and Senate legislation was introduced to extend interstate from Raleigh to Hampton Roads, Va.
  • Bus On Shoulder System expanded to Johnston County
  • RTA-funded research on controlled (metered) roundabouts or “SuperCircles” presented at national Transportation Research Board annual meeting and then published by TRB
  • Initiated partnership with RDU Airport to advance new international flights
  • NC General Assembly passed and Governor McCrory signed legislation facilitating the introduction of part-time freeway on-ramp metering signals in July 2014

2013 RTA Successes

  • Repeal of legislation that prevented the 540 Southeast Extension turnpike from moving forward
  • Passage of Strategic Transportation Investments bill creating new statewide funding formula
  • Adoption of fair share contribution opportunity for electric vehicles in state budget
  • Successful restart of the study to complete 540 in southeast Wake County
  • Approval of I-495 Interstate designation for U.S. 64 freeway between I-440 and I-540 in eastern Wake County
  • Approval of Future I-495 Interstate designation for U.S. 64 freeway between I-540 and I-95 in Wake, Franklin, and Nash counties
  • Launch of feasibility studies for future express lanes region-wide
  • Initiation of interchange studies for U.S. 70 freeway conversion
  • Expansion of Bus on Shoulder System (BOSS) in Wake and Durham counties on I-40 and Wade Avenue
  • RTA endorsement of bus rapid transit-based approach for Wake County
  • RTA Intercity Higher Speed Rail Chair Randy Lickey named to VA-NC High Speed Rail Compact
  • RDU now has three daily nonstop flights to the west coast
  • RTA-funded research on “SuperCircles” presented by national experts at annual RTA Solutions Forum
  • RTA Transit Innovations Series launched to support and advance transit in Wake County
  • Aviation Parkway speed limit increased to 60 MPH (from 55 MPH)
  • Implementation of RTA-requested speed limits on I-540, NC 540, Toll 540, Toll 147 to 70 MPH (from 65 MPH)
  • Acceptance of E-ZPass in January and Florida SunPass in July on Triangle Expressway turnpike

2012 RTA Successes

  • The second and third segments of the Triangle Expressway turnpike open to traffic in August (Toll NC 540, from NC 55 south to US 64) and December (Toll NC 540, from US 64 south to NC 55 bypass)
  • Endorsed Orange County transit referendum, which passed with nearly 60 percent of the vote in November 2012
  • Coordinated planning efforts for North Carolina’s first Bus on Shoulders System (BOSS) pilot, which launched July 2012
  • Supported Raleigh’s successful request for funding of Union Station totaling $60 million for current and future train operations
  • Triangle Connector to Interstate-85, our top freeway priority, began right-of-way acquisition in fall 2012
  • North Carolina’s first modern turnpike, the Triangle Expressway, opened from I-40 in Durham County South to NC 55 bypass
  • Hired consultant to identify possible alternative corridors and study improvements for 540/Triangle Expressway extension
  • Requested funding for new interchange on U.S. 70/Brier Creek Parkway, which was awarded $13.4 million via NC Mobility Fund
  • Requested funding in cooperation with Town of Cary for I-40/Aviation Parkway improvements, which received $3.6 million
  • Successfully requested speed limit increases for Wade Avenue extension, U.S. 1 South to Sanford, and I-540
  • Initiated Triangle Core Freeway Network action team to focus on vital intraregional mobility
  • Submitted comments on Northeast Corridor Future initiative concerning higher speed rail between North Carolina and Virginia
  • Region achieved highest RTA priority for expanded RDU domestic flight service—nonstop to San Francisco
  • Successful installation of Global Entry self-serve kiosks to expedite international travel at RDU, which began in 2012
  • Repeal of CAMPO resolution that prevented the 540 Southeast Extension turnpike from moving forward

2011 RTA Successes

  • The first segment of the Triangle Expressway, North Carolina’s first modern turnpike, opened to traffic (Toll NC 147, from I-40 to NC 540, in southern Durham and western Wake counties)
  • Worked with legislative and NCDOT leadership to ensure the Triangle Connector to I-85 project stayed on schedule for right-of-way in 2012 and construction in 2014
  • Lobbied for the successful retention of $500 million in federal funding for higher speed rail improvements between Raleigh and Charlotte, enabling enhanced future passenger rail options in the Piedmont Crescent
  • Partnered with southern mid-Atlantic chambers to highlight the “Connecting the Capitals” higher speed rail corridor, with $4 million in federal funding received to finalize studies from Raleigh to Richmond, Virginia
  • Celebrated the completion of the I-40 Cary/Raleigh widening project – initiated by the RTA in 2007 – which unclogged the region’s top bottleneck and resulted in peak travel time savings of around 30%
  • Led the regional effort to advance future Interstate 44 from Raleigh to Virginia’s Hampton Roads region
  • Endorsed Durham County transit referendum, which passed with 60% of vote in November 2011
  • Supported tolling of 540/Triangle Expressway segments east and west of NC 55
  • RTA “Making Transit Simpler” action team examined the potential for high-frequency GoZones
  • Catalyzed and coordinated planning efforts for a possible Bus on Shoulder System (BOSS) pilot on I-40
  • Coordinated first-ever I-40 Regional Partnership working visit, focused on transit and congestion relief innovations in Minnesota
  • Spearheaded regional effort to advance future Interstate corridor from Raleigh to Hampton Roads, Virginia
  • Supported RDU’s efforts to leverage new Terminal 2 into expanded flight option

2010 RTA Successes

  • Highlighted regional importance of Triangle Connector to I-85 through statewide loop prioritization process, accelerating construction to 2014
  • Developed unified position on US 64 West that led to consensus around future roundabout interchange in Apex
  • Coordinated I-40 Regional Partnership, leading to ongoing review of short-term improvements, and an implementation process for Bus on Shoulder Systems
  • Spearheaded dialogue in partnership with Richmond and Raleigh chambers to advance “Connecting the Capitals” High Speed Rail initiative
  • Commenced first transit polls in Durham, Orange, and Wake counties

2009 RTA Successes

  • Successfully advocated for local transit options legislation, providing communities more control over their mobility future
  • Triangle Expressway began construction
  • I-40 widening began construction
  • Coordinated first I-40 Regional Partnership initiative to advance the future of the Triangle’s “Main Street”
  • Conducted Alliance Leadership Briefing and Tour to Dallas that identified transit options
  • Achieved passage of turnpike bond eligibility legislation needed to advance the turnpike
  • Partnered with RDU Airport to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Southwest Airlines at RDU

2008 RTA Successes

  • Legislative gap funding of $25 million per year approved for Triangle Expressway
  • NCDOT approved accelerated widening of I-40 between Cary and Raleigh
  • Supported the Special Transit Advisory Commission work and approval of the STAC vision of buses, circulators, and rail
  • Hosted the Federal Highway Administrator, Jim Ray, who discussed transportation funding options
  • Coordinated a sign audit for I-40 in Wake County to enhance future guidance for motorists

2007 RTA Successes

  • Spearheaded the widening to six lanes of I-40 between Cary and Raleigh in the draft Transportation Improvement Program
  • Triangle Expressway approved as turnpike by both MPOs, and approved as cashless toll road by Turnpike Authority
  • Championed regionwide support for turnpike gap funding
  • Encouraged creation of Special Transit Advisory Commission
  • Helped welcome ExpressJet, United Airlines, and Midwest Connect to RDU
  • Held 10th Transportation Academy event
  • Coordinated regional wayfinding discussion

2006 RTA Successes

  • Created an expanded Triangle Mobility Action Partnership (Tri-MAP) public-private discussion forum on transportation
  • Successfully lobbied for revenue retention and regional approval authority amendments to turnpike acceleration legislation (Senate Bill 1381)
  • Successfully lobbied for corridor revenue retention policy by NC Turnpike Authority, approved in August 2006
  • Helped facilitate the approval of the final traffic and revenue study for I-540 and Triangle Parkway
  • Partnered with the NCDOT and City of Durham to improve signal timing along TW Alexander Drive through the Alliance Adopt-a-Hot Spot program
  • Held welcome event in conjunction with RDU for JetBlue Airways, our newest air carrier

2005 RTA Successes

  • Developed joint resolution with southwestern Wake mayors requesting study of tolls to accelerate I-540
  • NC Turnpike Authority approved feasibility study of Triangle Parkway (NC 147 extension) and I-540
  • Held first Leadership Briefing and Tour to San Diego and Southern Orange County
  • Hosted several joint MPO meetings
  • Facilitated additional freeway sign audit task forces to improve signage for US 1 reconstruction and I-540 expansion
  • Developed recommendations for Legislative Blue Ribbon Urban Mobility Commission approved Dec 2005

2004 RTA Successes

  • Successfully lobbied for full Highway Trust Fund loop authorization for southern and eastern Wake freeways during the 2004 legislative session
  • Organized the campaign for the proposed Triangle Parkway (NC 147 extension) turnpike facility in Research Triangle Park
  • Chairman Duane Long and Steering Committee member Joe Freddoso received legislative appointments to the Highway Trust Fund Committee and Blue Ribbon Commission on Urban Needs
  • Initiated the quarterly Transportation Academy Series to increase knowledge of mobility issues among business and government leaders
  • Conducted a Sign Audit of highway US I-64 with NCDOT and other public and private partners

2003 RTA Successes

  • Successfully lobbied for Highway Trust Fund eligibility of both the Durham Loop Highway Trust Fund Projects and I-540 to the NC 55 bypass
  • Spearheaded a legislative effort to form a Blue Ribbon Study Commission on Urban Transportation Finance with guaranteed Alliance representation
  • Developed traffic delay-reduction concepts with NCDOT Congestion Management staff
  • Met with key members of Congress at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Transportation Priorities Conference

2002 RTA Successes

  • Activated separate RTA dues-paying membership structure
  • Hired executive director and public information coordinator
  • Created “let’s get moving” tagline
  • Launched website
  • Held first-ever RTA planning retreat
  • Received the inaugural Goodmon Award for Exemplary Regional Partnership in October 2002
  • Held first-ever RTA annual meeting