RTA takes a strategic approach to critical transportation priorities, focusing on areas where regional business leadership can make a meaningful difference.

See below for a summary of our current priorities. You can download the full approved RTA 2017-18 Action Plan here, approved by the RTA Leadership Team on Sept. 8, 2017

Additional resources:

2017 RTA priorities progress dashboard – revised Aug 3 ’17

RTA summary of active and upcoming roadway improvements – revised Au 11 ’17


2017-18 top mobility priorities of regional business community 

  • Accelerate the 540 southeast extension to I-40
  • Fund the RDU Master Plan including new primary runway
  • Push fast, effective transit and bikeshare implementation regionwide
  • Advance congestion relief efforts including I-440, I-40, I-540, US 70 and Multimodal 54
  • Promote new tech and flexible, scalable solutions including express shoulder lanes

Additional focus areas and high priorities for 2017-18