Here is a brief weekly update on some current activities, items of interest, and engagement opportunities of the RTA business coalition-feel free to share with your associates.

Triangle Expressway named USDOT automated vehicle proving ground
The NC Turnpike Authority received notice yesterday that the Triangle Expressway was named 1 of 10 automated vehicle “proving grounds” in the United States out of 60 applications. RTA has formally supported the Turnpike Authority’s application. In addition, the new federal Advisory Committee on Automation in Transportation was named last week, including a member from Duke University’s Humans and Autonomy Lab. That Committee will help frame federal policy for the continued development and deployment of automated transportation.

As Wake Transit progresses, focus on experience and perception
At the semiannual RTA Steering Committee meeting last week, the group discussed potential areas of focus for the regional business community as the Wake Transit plan is implemented. The group agreed that RTA would encourage investments that will enhance the experience and perception of transit including the potential for electric buses, dedicated lanes, and stop/station improvements. RTA will continue to monitor and engage in the progress of the approved plan.

Thank you for your leadership on advancing regional mobility solutions through the organized business voice of the RTA!

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director