Here is a brief weekly update on some current activities, items of interest, and engagement opportunities of the RTA business coalition–feel free to share with your associates.

“Faster is better” – WRAL highlights Accelerate 540
RTA’s top priority is accelerating the extension of 540 to I-40 in southeastern Wake County. I had a great conversation with WRAL this week to elevate the project’s importance and business community focus. The completion of 540 will provide an important connection to I-40 and future Interstate 42 for commerce, commuters, and transit.¬†We are pleased that the section of 540 to I-40 has been accelerated by four years, and we will continue to work with our state transportation partners to encourage additional acceleration of both segments of 540 sooner than the planned start date of 2020.

New twice daily flights RDU-Nashville announced
Delta Air Lines, the largest air carrier at RDU, will launch two daily nonstop flights to Nashville beginning this June. Currently, Southwest is the only airline providing nonstop flights to Nashville which are also offered twice daily. There are now around 400 daily flights to nearly 50 nonstop destinations from RDU!

First Raleigh community survey says focus on traffic
The City of Raleigh conducted its first community survey which highlighted priorities including improvements to traffic flow and maintenance of city streets. One of RTA’s top 3 priorities is creating a “FAST” mobility fund that can accelerate low-cost congestion relief projects. We are currently working with our partners and member firms to identify funding opportunities and solutions that could be implemented rapidly.

Thank you for being a part of the business community’s organized voice for advancing major transportation projects!

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director