Florence and transportation
This week has brought the importance of our transportation network into broad and frankly painful relief, as the hurricane and subsequent flooding have cut off large swaths of North Carolina. Secretary Trogdon announced yesterday that significant portions of I-40 and I-95 in eastern North Carolina will likely remain closed for at least another week. I urge everyone that does not absolutely have to go to southeastern North Carolina to not attempt to travel there. Let’s leave the roads open and clear for disaster relief and recovery vehicles.

Speaking of disaster relief – and electric school buses…
You know that RTA supports the use of alternative fuels, including electricity and natural gas, to make public transit more attractive. RTA member firm Proterra has just closed a new round of funding that will allow the electric bus company to expand its offering to include electric school buses. In addition, Proterra CEO Ryan Popple’s recent comment to Forbes was quite intriguing and timely: “During the summer, EV school buses will be grid storage on wheels, able to soak up renewables and be dispatched on wheels for disaster response and power outages.” It is remarkable when technology disruption creates not just new markets but also new ways to give people better lives. The concept of mobile storage and dispatch of energy is very promising given our recent history with weather in North Carolina.

More firms are declaring independence from traffic congestion
This summer we have had STV and Summit Design and Engineering upgrade to Silver membership; WakeMed Health and Hospitals upgrade to Bronze; and Clancy & Theys and the Town of Cary join the RTA at the Bronze level. These and other new and longtime members have declared their independence from traffic congestion by joining the group that has delivered business leadership on mobility for more than 15 years. If you know of a peer company that may be interested in joining the RTA, please contact me, Natalie, or our membership chairs Robert Doreauk with AT&T or Creighton Blackwell with Coastal Credit Union.

Thank you for your investment in the voice of the regional business community on transportation!

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director