Help us connect the capitals – register for the Richmond tour
We have already have had a great response to our upcoming RTA tour to Virginia’s capital city of Richmond. Over the next few months, we will hear from various RTA members and partners about the benefits of this trip to a growing region that is both learning and doing the things needed to accelerate their mobility future. We encourage you to register for the tour as soon as possible – it makes our planning easier and it ensures that you have a seat with your peers from our region’s business, elected, and transportation communities.

Raleigh Transportation Bond endorsed by RTA
Last year, we went “three for three” in terms of countywide transit referenda. This year, our focus turns to Raleigh, our largest municipality, and their efforts to advance improvements ranging from roads to bike lanes to sidewalks via a fall bond referendum. RTA has endorsed the referendum and we encourage all City residents to vote in favor on October 10! More info here:

2017-18 Action Plan approved – a great weekend or beach read
As summer winds down, we all need to curl up with a good beach or weekend read. What better way to relax than to peruse our approved 2017-18 RTA Action Plan. RTA Leadership carefully reviewed, vetted, and approved the final plan last week as part of our annual Retreat. The plan is strong, purposeful, and attainable, and I am proud of the efforts of our volunteer leadership and strategic partners in bringing it together so we can continue to move forward as an organization and a region.

Thank you for your membership in RTA to advance the mobility priorities our growing region needs.

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director