Wake Transit implementation – revenue and cost breakdown
The region is advancing enhanced transit solutions in Durham, Orange, and Wake counties, including light rail, commuter rail, bus rapid transit, a frequent bus transit network, and more. Periodically we will be providing summaries and blogs from a business perspective on these improvements. To get us started, RTA staff has just compiled an overview of “year one” of Wake Transit implementation; you can download the one-pager here. We are also working with GoTriangle and other partners as they develop a dashboard of the primary improvements in the plan – feel free to offer us comments and suggestions.

Looking for a “fortress” airport hub? You won’t find one at RDU
We have been blessed in our market with not only a world-class airport with 50 nonstop destinations, but one that increasingly provides business and other travelers with excellent value for your travel dollar. While some larger southeastern airports have a single airline controlling more than 80% or even 90%+ of the market share, RDU has four airlines (Delta, American, Southwest, and United) that each have between 10% and 33% of the market share at RDU. The competition among multiple excellent carriers at RDU means better choices, more options, and better value for our high growth, high propensity for air travel regional market.

I wish all of you a safe Labor Day weekend!

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Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director