The second-most popular commute option in America? Not commuting.
This month’s Governing magazine notes that, while driving alone continues to be the predominant form of commuting (more than 75%), more and more people are using “telework” to the point that working from home now exceeds all public transportation commuting for the first time. In a high-technology, dispersed region like the Triangle, telework is likely to be an increasingly prevalent option which is helpful for congestion. However, nothing replaces “being there” and fortunately the region is making a number of flexible, scalable investments in highway and public transportation services.

I hope State beats the Wahoos. Either way, tailgating just got easier
NC State is unbeaten through three games and hosts Virginia on Saturday in a key Atlantic Coast Conference match-up. Fans walking to the game from many of the tailgating lots east of the stadium will now be able to travel safely underneath Trinity Road thanks to a new pedestrian tunnel. This is a great addition to the sports and state fairgrounds complex in west Raleigh that will have operational as well as safety benefits for event patrons as well as vehicular traffic.

Congrats to RDU — and also to our colleagues in Charlotte
RDU has been named the most connected mid-sized airport in America in consecutive years. With no single carrier having even 33% of flights, we enjoy great and growing connectivity to more than 60 nonstop destinations with overall passenger traffic outpacing projections by 8 years. Our neighbors in Charlotte also enjoy tremendous connectivity due to their large American Airlines hub presence. Forbes has recently reported that Charlotte is the third-most connected airport in the entire country and the third-largest single airline hub in the world.  Charlotte naturally has more destinations due to its very large American hub which serves 90% of all of domestic flights. Here, RDU’s strong diversity of airlines helps keep overall ticket prices down while our number of flight offerings continue to grow. 

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