On-ramp signals – one month on
On September 27, the first on-ramp signals in Raleigh – and in North Carolina – were activated on four different I-540 westbound on-ramps for the morning peak period. Today marks their one month anniversary, and both NCDOT professional staff and the traveling public are becoming more used to the on-ramp signals. NCDOT has adjusted the signal timing to better balance the operational impacts to both the intersecting roadways and the mainline freeway flow. As we noted previously, on-ramp signals do not create new capacity on 540, instead they keep the freeway operating better, longer so that travelers can access the full capacity of 540 for more of the rush hour. On-ramp signals are intended to improve safety by providing congestion relief, with the added benefit of improved travel times and reliability – they are a great tool in the toolbox and RTA will seek to have more implemented on our regional freeway system over time.

Round-and-round we go – and that’s a good thing
Earlier this week, the City of Raleigh installed a new roundabout – and the City’s first beyond the NC State University area (other than those installed by developers). Located at the corner of Buck Jones and Farm Gate in southwest Raleigh, and not far from I-40, I-440, and US 1, the roundabout looks well-suited to keep traffic flowing at a gentler pace while reducing the inherent challenges of left turns. This project is the result of a prior road bond for the City; the most recent road bond, with a campaign led by the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, passed earlier this month.

Bike share expands – again
NC State University and NC Central University both launched bike share programs earlier this summer. UNC Chapel Hill commenced its own bike share program this week, further expanding the number of multimodal and “last mile” options in the Triangle. This system includes docks for the bicycles , which differs from the NC State system which allows users to leave a bicycle anywhere on campus (or nearby). RTA will continue to monitor the success of the three bicycle share options – plus the Raleigh bike share when it begins in 2018. The launch of effective bike share is one of our top 5 priorities for 2018, and each of these systems are expanding the number of opportunities for people to get around our region.

Thank you for your involvement in the RTA business coalition to identify, promote, and accelerate mobility solutions for our market.

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director