Next week: I-40 Regional Partnership – Oct. 18
The 10th annual meeting of the I-40 Regional Partnership is next Thursday, Oct. 18, hosted by the Research Triangle Foundation at RTP Headquarters. The partnership, coordinated by RTA in cooperation with NCDOT, brings RTA members and volunteers together with our public-sector transportation partners to provide an ongoing focus on improving I-40 and reliever routes. Since 2009, the Partnership has successfully advanced several freeway initiatives including the I-40 Bus on Shoulder System, interchange improvements, on-ramp signals, and more. I look forward to great updates and a solid interactive discussion with each of you on what could be next for I-40; RSVP to Natalie if you have not already done so.

Next month: RTA-NCDOT Intersections Forum – Nov. 13
RTA, in partnership with NCDOT, is coordinating a new Intersection Solutions Forum series focused on ways to reduce delay and improve safety at intersections. The event will be hosted by SAS on Tuesday, Nov. 13, and feature various speakers highlighting new or potential operational and safety improvements or innovations. RSVP to Natalie if you’d like to attend.

Also next month: TCC-RTA transit event – Nov. 14
We are pleased to join the Triangle Community Coalition in presenting an event next month on the Economic Impact of BRT and Transit. Several of our local transportation and planning leaders will be joined by one of our guest speakers from our recent Richmond tour for a strong discussion on transit and economic opportunity. This is a great opportunity to learn more about potential ways to maximize the success of our region’s planned BRT corridors. You can sign-up to attend the TCC-RTA joint event with a special RTA member rate, and get a preview of some of the lessons from Richmond in our post-tour blog.

RTA members help their business succeed while making an informed, prominent impact on the region. Thank you for your membership!

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director