A reminder that 3 for 3 doesn’t just happen
Nashville, Tennessee is a growing southeastern peer market along I-40. Like our beloved Triangle area, Nashville is a forward-thinking region with a great quality of life. However, it currently has significantly worse peak traffic congestion levels than the Triangle, at least partially due to its geography. Another difference is that it failed its first major transit referendum, a $5+ billion light rail and bus plan, which lost 36% to 64% this week. While there are a variety of reasons for the failure of the Nashville referendum, the overall result should remind us to never take for granted our success of passing 3 transit referenda for 3 adjacent counties, on the first attempt, earlier this decade.

Wake Transit outreach – keep on keeping on
If “frequency is freedom,” as former Wake Transit consultant Jarrett Walker says, then the price of freedom is eternal vigilance — or perhaps, the opportunity to optimize and accelerate it requires consistent engagement. Fortunately, there are many upcoming opportunities to provide feedback on the planned bus rapid transit corridors and overall bus network, including an online survey open now. You can review an overview of all plan information via GoForwardNC.org/WakeTransit, or you can download the draft proposed implementation for 2019 and beyond directly hereThe Wake Transit plan is solid, forward-thinking, and flexible, and RTA will continue to engage with our partners on potential ways to accelerate enhanced transit service.

RTA Summit Series – keep the ideas coming
This week, the regional business community hosted nearly 150 attendees during our first-ever RTA Summit Series — “Accelerating mobility innovations amidst growth and uncertainty.” We received insights, ideas, and reactions from participants throughout the three-day event, hosted by outstanding RTA member companies Capitol Broadcasting, Citrix, and Fidelity Investments. You can still offer your thoughts on the topics our lead volunteers covered during their presentations on transportation funding, transit barriers, and the overall travel experience – whether or not you were able to attend in person – by responding to the online survey, by this coming Monday, May 7, at 4:30 p.m. Thank you to everyone who participated – based on the success of the three day event, it won’t be our last. 

Your commitment to and engagement in regional mobility is a truly valuable asset to our market — thank you for your membership in RTA!

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director