Here is a brief weekly update on some items of interest and current activities of the RTA business coalition—feel free to share with your associates.

Raleigh hosts national transportation symposium next week
I look forward to participating in the national Transportation Research Board’s “Urban Street Symposium”, hosted by the N.C. Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. The program agenda is solid, showcasing innovative intersections, street design, and bike-ped improvements in our area as well as leading research. You can follow me @JoeMilazzoII or @RTATriangle to engage in the symposium in real-time!

Transit-Ready Development Breakfast next week
GoTriangle and the Triangle J Council of Governments are hosting a meeting on Thursday, May 25, on transit-ready development with a focus on future station areas for the proposed Durham-Orange light rail project. The event will highlight practices in transit-ready development, infrastructure design and finance, and affordable housing. I look forward to attending the session; more information about the program here.

First-year Wake Transit improvements open for comment
This week I shared RTA’s comments on the implementation of the 10-year Wake Transit plan at public hearing hosted by the Capital Area metro planning organization (CAMPO). The Wake Transit partners have presented a detailed work plan for investments during 2018; a breakdown of proposed investments is here. You or your company can offer comments on the implementation plan here.

Thank you for your investment in RTA to advance our region’s transportation priorities!

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
Executive Director