Here is a brief weekly update on some items of interest and current activities of the RTA business coalition–feel free to share with your associates.

NC Turnpike refinances 540 – saves more than $30 million
The NC Turnpike Authority has refinanced the 540/Triangle Expressway, leveraging the Turnpike’s strong performance and lower market rates, for a net present value savings of $32 million. RTA volunteers Matt Parson with Red Hat and Linda Hall with the RTP Foundation and I met with Turnpike staff a few weeks ago to review and better understand the option. The bottom line is that this provides additional flexibility for the Turnpike and improves the financial picture for our top priority, Accelerate 540.

Electric and CNG bus technologies highlighted at Triangle event
The Triangle J Council of Governments hosted an excellent event earlier this week on new advancements in transit technologies including electric buses and compressed natural gas. RTA Leadership Team member PSNC Energy and RTA member Proterra, an electric bus manufacturer, presented on the evolution of these alternative fuel options. RTA encourages an ongoing comparison of the potential for electric and CNG buses, instead of diesel, as enhanced transit evolves in our market.

“Mini-roundabouts” create a new intersection option
At our RTA traffic congestion task force earlier this week, we received a presentation from Jim Dunlop, PE with NCDOT. He noted several of the benefits of these smaller-sized roundabouts for lower-volume intersections. I have written a post on my “Driving the Conversation” professional blog that outlines the business case and opportunity for mini-roundabouts. The takeaway: the cost is similar to a traffic signal, which means the benefits are now in reach for more locations across our region and beyond.

Thank you for being a part of the regional business community’s voice on transportation issues.

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director