Durham-Orange light rail – budget provision adjusted
This week the NC General Assembly passed a technical corrections bill that modified a state budget provision passed earlier this month. GoTriangle CEO Jeff Mann had previously penned a column that effectively summarized the situation the project was facing under the new state budget. Several of our members, member chambers, and partners had reached out to legislators re: the potential impact to the corridor and potentially amending the original budget provision. While this is clearly a better situation for the light rail project than before, there are still funding and schedule risks. We will continue to monitor and learn with guidance from our partners at GoTriangle.

You can help reduce employee commutes
Here is a concrete, simple way to reduce congestion across the region, and improve employee commutes: help your associates telework. Our partners at Triangle-J Council of Governments and GoTriangle are hosting a seminar this coming Thursday that will cover free employer services available, including telework policies, employee agreement templates, and best practices. While you can’t actually telecommute to the seminar on June 21st in Morrisville, it is free and includes breakfast and great information. More info / registration here.

Funding to create I-42 and improve I-95
Last week our US Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr announced the approval of federal funding to further advance the upgrade to the US 70 east corridor to Interstate standards. Future I-42 begins at the I-40 interchange with the US 70 Clayton Bypass – which is also where future 540 will exchange with I-40. The new federal funding will also be used to further widen and modernize I-95 in our area. This is a great win for the region and state and we applaud our US Senators and NCDOT for pushing for this funding.

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Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director