RTA QuickTour: let’s return to Richmond
We are only one month away from the RTA QuickTour to Richmond, Va. to view their new bus rapid transit system. Our August 7 tour represents an efficient way to see what a neighboring city has done with a major new transit line and what we can learn from it, from both a mobility and land use standpoint. Given that our region has six proposed high-capacity, frequent rapid transit corridors – both BRT and light rail – the timing and content could not be better. RTA members and partners can sign-up here for only $150, or you can sponsor the tour for $999 which includes registration for two attendees. I hope that you can join us; early registration ends July 20.

Weekend online activity – view proposed NCDOT priorities
NCDOT has created an interactive online tool for citizens to review potential transportation priorities and offer their feedback. If you have some time this weekend (or on Monday), you can review the information on this site and offer comments on what you like, what you would do differently, and what concerns you have. All projects listed have already gone through the bi-partisan, data-driven Strategic Transportation Investments process. NCDOT does a good job getting information out to people through a variety of channels – if you have a few minutes to offer feedback before Monday evening’s deadline I encourage you to do so.

Fortify – addition by addition
If you have been traveling on I-40 in south Raleigh lately, you may have seen these new signs in several spots just before an on-ramp joins the through lanes. These are “added lane” signs, and they let you know that the on-ramp lane doesn’t end right away. Fortify created new connector lanes between several on-ramps and the subsequent off-ramps, which will reduce weaving and improve overall travel. Construction between Gorman St. and US 1 on 40 west is still ongoing and the new connector lane is still closed; my understanding is that we are looking at later this summer for that final part to get completed.

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Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director