RTA members,

We expect 2018 to be another strong year for regional mobility in the Triangle, thanks to the ongoing leadership of our elected and transportation partners and the focus of the regional business community through the Regional Transportation Alliance.

This is an overview of our organization’s top priorities for the year; you can learn more here: letsgetmoving.org/priorities.

RTA top priority for 2018:  Accelerate 540 southeast extension to I-40

  • We were very pleased with the federal signing of the final environmental impact statement last month, which brings us closer to full approval and construction of this vital transportation corridor for commerce, transit, commuting, and tourism.
    Accelerate 540 to I-40 will remain our top priority until it is under construction.

Other RTA top priorities for 2018

  • RTA priority 2:  Fund RDU Master Plan
    RDU has created a solid Master Plan, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration this past fall, and the recurring state legislative funding support secured last summer is a vital step towards its implementation.
    RDU has provided strong, strategic leadership on this front and we are pleased to continue to support this effort to secure the future of RDU Airport.
  • RTA priority 3:  Push fast, effective transit and bikeshare implementation regionwide
    With Wake, Durham, and Orange counties all having passed successful transit referenda that will unleash more than $5 billion in new transit service and investments over the next decade, we will focus on land uses that will maximize ridership, push for enhanced, scalable multimodal solutions, and highlight new bicycle share programs.
    We will look for opportunities to advance and accelerate multimodal improvements in concert with our transit partners throughout the year.
  • RTA priority 4:  Advance congestion relief efforts including Fix 440, I-40, I-540, US 70 and Multimodal 54
    While I-40/Fortify reconstruction winds down this spring, 2018 will commence a number of new freeway improvements, including the vital Fix 440 project – our top congestion relief priority for the entire region.
    Congestion relief along our freeways and major streets will always be a priority – we have several important projects to support and advance this year.
  • RTA priority 5:  Promote new tech and flexible, scalable solutions including express shoulder lanes
    We will look to continue the momentum from the successful 2017 launch of I-540 on-ramp signals and significant initial funding for future I-540 express shoulder lanes by elevating additional flexible solutions.
    Look for more information via our 2018 Summit Series and other RTA outreach.

The RTA is pleased to serve America’s Most Forward-Moving Region in 2018 and beyond by leveraging the full strength of the regional business community to propel the Triangle forward.

Thank you for your ongoing membership and support, and best wishes for a safe, prosperous, and mobile 2018.


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director