Let’s move our region forward this Thursday evening
NCDOT and the Turnpike have accelerated 540 by several months, and the first contract could be “let” to construction later this year. This coming Thursday evening, Feb. 22, at 7 p.m., is a chance for all RTA members to thank our state partners, and to tell the story of why accelerating 540 is important to our mobility future. More information about the project and next week’s public hearing is on our website and this one pager, and I also encourage you to read my recent blog about why building a user fee-based roadway makes sense for our growing region.

When it comes to congestion, no news is good news
At our annual meeting in December, we released our America’s Most Forward-Moving Region report, which highlighted the current (and future) comparative lack of congestion in our growing market, with INRIX being a primary data source. INRIX just came out with its newest rankings and data, and both Durham and Raleigh maintain the same levels of congestion as last year – holding at 10 hours and 18 hours, respectively, of peak hours spent in congestion per year for the average person. The national average is 41 hours.  These numbers continue to demonstrate the results of sustained investments in regional transportation – and we are making $billions of additional investments over the next decade.

Pothole patching – who to call?
Transportation reporter Richard Stradling with the N&O put together a great piece on reporting potholes. The article provides the contact information – both phone and online – for whom to call when you see a pothole throughout much of the region. For any state road, you can reach out to NCDOT here. Our local city, town, and NCDOT division staff work hard to make repairs efficiently, and you can help them and your fellow motorists by taking a moment to report any potholes you may see along your commute.

Your RTA membership elevates the collective voice of the regional business community on mobility issues – thank you for your support.

Let’s get moving,


Joe Milazzo II, PE
RTA Executive Director